Active App

Product Design / Art Direction/ Brand Identity

The new ADF Active App is a smarter, more efficient way to help you reach the level of fitness required to join The Australian Defence Force. To join the Australian Defence Force (ADF) all applicants have to pass a Pre Entry Fitness Assessment (PFA). Passing is achievable with a basic level of fitness, but each year approximately 16% of applicants fail. This is a significant loss of potential recruits every year for the ADF.

Our goal was to create an easy to use app that assesses an applicant’s current fitness level, then formulate a unique exercise program based on the time they have remaining until their PFA. Personal trainers and over 40 videos inspire and coach the applicant through their program, which adjusts based on their performance.

My role in the project as design lead was to create the brand identity of Active App, all product design, oversee the UX and experience design for users once they were outside of the app.


Created at


with these talented people.

Jay Morgan, Creative Director · Jason Carnew, Account Director · Adam Shutler, Design Direction · Peter Sergerer, Producer · Stephane Winter, Developer · Leonardo Burlamaqui, UX