Credit Her

Art & Design Direction / Product Design

In 2017, International Women's Day was the #1 most talked about moment of the year on Facebook. This year, Facebook wanted to build on this moment and celebrate the contributions women make around the world to their communities every day.

From the women who have redefined our culture, to every day acts that make an impact, the women of our world deserve a bit more credit. This campaign serves as an inspiring and positive rallying cry for real change, and also gives people the tools to 'Credit Her' on platform.

My role in this project as Art Director/Designer was to visually bring the 'Credit Her' Idea to life in film, product and on-platform executions while overseeing the incredible illustration design and animation created by Buck.




with these talented people.

Scott Trattner, ECD •  Daniel Ilic, Sue Anderson, Creative Directors • Jenna Livingston, Elizabeth Basset, Massaër Ndiaye, Copywriters  •   Jansen Yoder, Mo Osunbor, Art Directors  •   Susan Crimley, Producer  •   Kieren Fickenscher, Brand Manager  •   JK Ogungbadero, Strategy  •   Buck, Animation & Illustration