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Joining the Australian Defense Force will be one of the biggest decisions some of our young recruits have to make. To help assist this decision, we created an online information resource to give career advisors, parents and guardians a better idea of what working for the Australian Defence Force is all about so that they can help inform and guide potential recruits about what opportunities are offered and what's best for their child.

My role in the project as design lead was to craft a fully responsive site that's easy for parents and older generational users to navigate through, making sure viewers were able to find all the information they needed or that we guided them to additional resources should they have any further questions.


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with these talented people.

Seamus Higgins, Creative Director · Jason Carnew, Account Director · Adam Shutler, Design Director · Daniela Gillis, Producer · Stephane Winter, Developer · Pradeep Sekar, Developer · Leonardo Burlamaqui, UX Research · Alex Dale, additional design